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Bali island and body massage

Traditional Balinese Massage

A Balinese heritage massage is a unique blend of deep stroke massage. Using presure
points and stretching. Technique to reduce stress and muscle aches, recommended

for those who prefer a firm massage.

60 min 250 K

90 min 320 K

Lost in Paradise Massage

Relaxing Massage

Various pressure are used to help improve circulation, relieve tired muscles and relax
the mind, body and spirit.

60 min250 K

90 min 320 K

Hot Stones Massage

Stress Reliever Massage

A deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage for helps tight muscles release

90 min410 K

120 min490 K

Express Massage

Shoulders, neck, and back massage

45 min150 K

Fresh Massage Reflexology

Reflexology serves to relax, improves circulation and promote a general feeling of weelness

30 min130 K

60 min210 K

All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10 percent ser

Body Detox


Deeply cleanse and remove dead cells to stimulate the skin regeneration.

    • Spice Island Scrub : Inspired by a traditional Indonesian beauty rituals, this
      tumeric exfoliating scrub reveals radiant-looking glow with intense and invigorating.
      this scrub cream contains aloe vera, avery high amount of moisturizing and healing
      compounds. Its helps to reduce inflammation.

40 min150 K

    • « Tonifyng sensations » sea salt : This is a perfect exfoliation and detoxification
      treatment with a mix of bergamot and sweet orange oil and sea salt. for a nice
      and silky skin

45 min 150 K

    • Citrus Rejuvenation : Explore the benefits and citrus power. the active ingredents in
      this gel scrub are renowned for providing excellent cleansing for a « fresh start » body.

45 min150 K

    • Floral Pamperring : This scrub is gently massaged into the skin to remove dead cells
      and reveal the silky soft skin beneath. lingers on the skin will leave you feel like a

60 min180 K

Body Mask

    • Boreh Spice: A Balinese treatment to smoothe aches and pains. Very effective for
      drawing out impurities and purging toxins from the skin. The result is deep pore
      cleansing and smoother skin texture.A full body mask made from natural ingredients : clay, ginger, sandalwood, vetiver,
      cinnamon powder and patchouli essential oil is applied using wrapped sarong to
      infuse the therapeutic elements from spices

40 min50 K

    • After Sun Shooting: When the sun goes down and all the temperature rises, then
      things need to cool off. Sun damaged skin definitely is not on most spa menus. Now
      it is possible to completely chill out at the spa and un-cook your skin back to creamy
      smoothness. So if red isn’t your favourite color then this is the treatment for you.
      A combination of body masker and body lotion active ingredients of aloe vera
      extract and essential oil blend of cucumber, lavender and geranium.

45 min150 K

All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10 percent ser



From the magical Spice Islands of Indonesia comes an original concept in treatment that is
surprisingly modern and up to date with the latest aromatheraphy theories in deep
relaxation. Because of the seemingly endless types and variety of spice grown there,
we were able to deliver a truly expansive experience in this two and half hour treatment.
Proving, in reserve, that variety is the spice of life

      • Foot bath and scrub: 15 min
      • Bali island body massage:60 min
      • Body scrub:30 min
      • Body mask « boreh spice »: 20 min
      • Moisturizing cream: 10 min

135 min650 K

Flower Pampering

Feel your body failing like a petal into a bed of flowers. The soft, velyvety textures caress
your skin. Subtle essential oil scents embrace your senses, releasing memories, like crystal
moments in time. A most romantic experience,this treatment is literally a garden of delights.

      • Foot bath and scrub:15 min
      • Manicure and pedicure « express »:60 min
      • Floral body scrub:30 min
      • Lost in paradise massage :60 min

165 min750 K

Fresh Start

No matter how naughty you were the night before, every new day brings a fresh start.
This treatment has taken all the element necessary to brighten & revive even the most
spent, jaded soul. Essential oils in vibrant combination refresh the part tainted by nocturnal
excess or jet-lagged-leaving you feeling shiny, bright and as good as new

      • Foot bath and scrub :15 min
      • Hot stone massage :60 min
      • Aloe vera « organic » facial :30 min
      • Eitrus rejuvenation gel body shop : 60 min

205 min850 K

All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10 percent service charge

Beauty treatments



Aloe vera « organic » facial
Energizing and refresh your skin – 100% organic


Deeply moisturizes skin – Stimulates collagen production – Promotes microcirculation -
Reduces inflammation – Accelerates skin healing

60 min (no blackhead extraction) 290 K

90 min (no blackhead extraction) 450 K

All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10 percent service charge

SPA information

The information listed below has been compiled to help you make the most of your
experience at TS suites by Christophe C. salon.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any futher questions or require
assistance in chooshing treatment to suit yout needs.


The spa at TS Suites leisure by Christophe C. salon is open daily from 09.00 until 23.00
for any booking from 21.00 until 23.00, please book your treatment 1 hour before.


For reservation and information, please contact our Spa reception at phone
+62 361 846922 EXT. 164


  • All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10% service charge
  • Cash and major credit cards are accepted
  • All payment will be charged to your room folio by our Reception


  • Please arrive at Spa 10 min before your treatment time
  • Any delay of guest arrival may reduce the length of treatment period


  • For individuals, please notify the Spa 1 hour in advance if you would like to
    cancel or reschedule your appointment. A 50% cancellation fee will be
    levied for treatments cancelled less than 30 minutes in advance.
  • Last minutes cancellations would be 100% charge from the total
    treatment booked


  • If you suffer from a specific health condition, please inform us before booking
    your treatment, we will recommend which treatment suits you best
  • If you are pregnant please contact our therapist or receptionist for advice on
    treatment that are safe to enjoy during pregnancy


In order to maintain a tranquil atmosphere, children below age of 12 are not
permitted in the Spa area


For your comfort, we are providing you with a sarong, disposable underwear
and slippers

All prices are subject to 11% government tax and 10 percent service charge