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Hair SPA Shiseido

Hair SPA Shiseido take care of all hair types. Hair SPA Shiseido products are concentrated sources of nutrients. Colors will shine longer and the hair is simultaneously cared for, protected and hydrated.



Hair SPA

We use Hair SPA Shiseido products for their quality and regenerative capacity. These products have been tested and their effectiveness validated.

At Christophe. C. You can buy professional hair care products that are used by professionals. Hair SPA Shiseido offers you an exclusive range of products.


Web & Mobile

Be connected immediately, wherever you are. If you have any hair problems or if you need advice, please contact us. We are online, ready to help you !


At Christophe. C. we work with the most famous brands. Because the health of your hair is our first concern. Thanks to the carefully formulated ingredients in these hair products, colored or colored hair stays beautiful for longer.

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